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„Revanchists, as I understand it, are those who chose to follow Revan to war against the Mandalorians in the events leading up to Knights of the Old Republic. The Order of Revan is the secret society founded within the Sith Empire on Dromund Kaas who believed Revan was a better model to follow than their traditional Sith teachings; they became more militant and began recruiting from the Republic and other factions under the “returned” Revan’s leadership, leading to the events of Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan. “Revanite” is just the term used for members of the Order of Revan.“
— Charles Boyd über die Nomenklatur

Als Revaniter werden die Mitglieder des Revan-Ordens bezeichnet, wohingegen Revans Anhänger während der Mandalorianischen Kriege Revanchisten genannt werden.